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What’s Clogging My Drains? Part 2 - Hair

There are many things that can clog up the drains in your house. Today we’re looking at the number one source of clogs coming from your bathroom – hair.


You would think that hair would simply flow along with the water and flush away. But what you may not realize is that the inside of your bathroom pipes are more than likely coated with soap scum (especially if you have hard water), body oils, and hair care products that create the perfect place for hair to stick. Hair will especially stick to each other, creating a chain reaction of hair sticking to hair.


And we are talking about ALL types of hair: head hair (long and short), body hair, facial hair, and pet hair (if you wash your dogs in the tub). All sticking to the walls of your pipes and ready to cause slow drains and blockages.

How To Unclog Hair from Your Drains

For simple hair clogs, there are a few do-it-yourself remedies:

  • Boiling Water – A kettle of boing water poured down your drains can help melt away some of the residue that your hair is sticking to.
  • Vinegar and baking soda – Your old volcano science experience comes in handy here. Pour a box of baking soda down your drains, followed by a cup of distilled white vinegar. The chemical reaction should break through a simple clog.
  • Use a plumber’s snake – You can also break through the clog mechanically with a retractable snake (available at most hardware and home supply stores) that you can feed down the pipes, grab the clog, and pull it out.
  • Chemical drain cleaners – Very effective – but can also damage your pipes if you use these types of cleaners too often. The fumes can also be unpleasant, if not downright dangerous.
How to Prevent Hair Clogs

While hair will always get into your drains, there are a few things than can help keep things manageable:

  • Brush your hair before bathing – Try and get any loose hair into your brush and not into your pipes. This is also good advice before bathing your pet in the tub.
  • Use a drain protector – These little strainers will help catch the majority of the hair before it hits your drains.
  • Keep the water running if you’re shaving over the sink – Even tiny facial hair can catch on the walls of your pipes and start the clogging process
Too Late! My Drains are Clogged. Now What?

If you’ve tried various home remedies and nothing seems to have worked, you may have to bring in the professionals. The clog may be larger than you thought or could be deeper into your plumbing system than you can reach yourself.


Luckily, Johnny Rooter offers 24/7 drain cleaning services in Nassau County. Our licensed plumbers, based in Rockville Centre and Merrick, are experts in state-of-the-art hydro jetting, which will unclog your drains and clean the inside of your pipes to like-new condition, getting rid of the residue that the hair was sticking to in the first place.


And even if you don’t currently have an emergency, and would rather not have one in the future, Johnny Rooter can come and inspect your drains to make sure everything is flowing smoothly.


Have questions about what’s going on with your plumbing? Call (516) 535-0528 to get answers from some of the best Nassau County plumbers in the business. Clogged drains and sewer services are their specialties.