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What is Drain Cleaning [Drain Cleaning in Bellmore]

Drains are often the most neglected part of our homes, but they are also the most important because they maintain the sanitary in the homes. They can be clogged by a variety of things like hair, food particles, grease, soap scum etc. These clogs can cause a number of problems like bad odors, insect infestations and other health hazards.


Drain cleaning is a process that involves the removal of organic or inorganic materials from pipes, sewers, and other drainage systems. The process of drain cleaning is necessary to avoid clogs and blockages in the drainage system.


There are some methods used to clear a clogged drain. One of them is using a plunger which forces air into the drainpipe to create suction that will break up the clog. Another method is using an auger which is a long flexible cable with a rotating head at the end that can be fed into the pipe to remove obstructions in it. Using chemicals is also a great way to clean drains as they dissolve organic materials, such as hair, grease, and soap scum, that accumulate in the trap seal of your sink or bathtub.


Drain cleaning is a necessary procedure to keep your plumbing system running smoothly. It is not enough to just pour some liquid drain cleaner down the drain and hope for the best.


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