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What are Some Routine Plumbing Maintenance Tasks That I Can Do?

While we here at Johnny Rooter love helping our customers, there are a lot of residential plumbing problems that could have been avoided with some regular basic maintenance. We reached out to people in the neighborhoods we service and asked what they did to keep their plumbing in top shape.

From Pete K. in Seaford – “Once a year I go around the house and check the pipes for any small cracks or leaks”.


From Sarah C. in Manhasset – “I keep an eye on the drains for any slowdowns and make sure the garbage disposal is working right”.


From Juan V. in East Rockaway – “I learned the hard way that you occasionally need to flush your water heater tank”.


From Arthur L. in Oceanside – “Not a plumbing thing exactly, but the bolts that hold your toilet to the floor can sometimes get loose and cause your toilet to rock a bit. That can’t be good for the pipes behind it”.


From Hadear M. in Syosset – “After dealing with a flood a few years ago, I always check over any appliances with water connections – the washing machine, the dishwasher, the refrigerator – and make sure everything’s connected OK and that there are no leaks”.


From Chin-Mae W. in Garden City – “Hard water can really build up in the showerheads and the kitchen and bathroom faucets. Cleaning them once a month helps keep the water flowing smoothly and helps stop corrosion.”


From Susan H. in Woodbury – “Before he died, my husband taught me to check the water heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve on a regular basis”.


We Can Help If You Don’t Know What to Look For

If the thought of wandering all over your house looking for leaks and cracks and loose connections makes your head spin, we can help.


Call us to set up a time to come over and give your house a top to bottom professional plumbing inspection. We can see if there’s anything wrong now and see where problems may happen in the future. It’s better, and more cost-effective, to fix things before disaster strikes.


Have an old house? Let us check out your plumbing to make sure all is well.


Just bought a home on Long Island? Let us give your house a checkup, show you where everything is, and explain how to maintain the small stuff yourself.


Call (516) 535-0528 to get the right advice from some of the best Nassau County plumbers in the business.