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Causes of Clogged Drain [Best Sewer Cleaning Services in Rockville Centre]

Clogged drains and sewer lines are a common problem in the homes and commercial buildings. They can be caused by many things such as grease, hair, food particles and paper towels.


The two most common causes of clogged drains are grease and hair. Grease is the hardest type of material to break down in water, so it will accumulate at the bottom of your drain pipe if it isn’t flushed away every time you cook with oil or fat. Hair is also a problem because it will accumulate in the pipes and eventually form a large enough clog to stop the flow of water altogether.


A clogged drain can lead to a buildup of sewage which will eventually cause the drain to overflow. Sewer backups can be equally as dangerous as they can release bacteria into your home or business.


There are many benefits of hiring a professional plumber for clogged drain and sewer cleaning services. Listed here are a few of them.


– Clogged drains can be cleared quickly and efficiently by experts, saving you the time, hassle and money involved in doing it yourself

– They provide professional advice on how to maintain your plumbing system so that you don’t have clogs again in the future

– They also offer other plumbing services like leak detection, water heater installation, faucet repair etc.


Best Clogged Drain and Sewer Cleaning Services in Rockville Centre


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