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3 Types of Plumbers [Best Plumbers in Nassau County]

Plumbers are people who specialize in installing and maintaining pipes, fixtures, and other equipment used in the water distribution system. Some plumbers may also install heating and air conditioning systems. Plumbers can be found at all levels of government, from local school boards to federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Plumbers are well known for working on residential or commercial plumbing systems. They often work with other trades such as electricians, carpenters, and masons to coordinate the installation of new pipe systems in any infrastructure.


Today, you can find a variety of plumbers for different jobs. Listed here are the few common ones.

1. Commercial Plumbers

These types of plumbers usually install, repair and maintain water, gas, and other piping in commercial buildings such as office buildings or factories.


2. Residential Plumbers
Residential plumbers are the plumbers responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining water, gas, and other piping in homes.


3. Contractors
Contractors are often hired by builders to install plumbing systems in new homes before they are sold to the public. Now that you have a bit idea about the plumbers, different types of plumbers and their work, let’s discuss in detail about the best plumber in Nassau County.

Best Plumbers in Nassau County

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